What Others Have Said!

"Our wedding officiant thought your ceremony script as wonderful. She said it made it so easy for her to celebrate with us and the script reduced her anxiety. You were wonderful to help us to create one of the most unique wedding ceremonies she had ever officiated. Thanks for speaking with her also, she really appreciated the support." -Peter & Jennifer, Austin, TX

"You are the best. Thanks.  We loved working with you creating our ceremony script with the creative ideas about rituals and how to make the wedding ceremony our own and unique. You were great about how to include our children." -Frank & Nicole, Tampa, FL

"We were married two years ago and our guests are still telling us how unique, personal and special our wedding ceremony was. Thanks for helping us make it such a memorable event." -Jessica & Scott, St. Paul, MN

"Thank you. Working with you over the internet with Facetime was so easy. We wanted to write our own ceremony but had no idea where to start and Bill's brother who was our officiant had no idea about how to start. Your service made it so easy. We would not have been able to create our own ceremony without your help." -Bill & Sara, Washington, DC

"You are just what we were looking for. We had no idea about how to write our wedding ceremony and vows. You were terrific with your ideas and resources to help us write our vows and create our own special ceremony." -Tracy & Steve, Boston, MA

"Your suggestions for writing our wedding ceremony were great and just what we were looking for. You helped us so much in designing the ceremony so that Ed's Dad could be the celebrant. Thanks. Ed's Dad really appreciated the call you had with him to walk him through the script. Thanks." -Ed & Kristin, San Diego, CA

"After speaking with you about the design of our ceremony, it made us feel so close and right about our decision to have Brenda's sister be our wedding celebrant. You took so much of the worry out of how our wedding ceremony was going to go. Thanks." -Brenda & Doug, St. Louis, MO

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