Not always necessary, but a helpful way to organize members of your wedding party and get them to where they belong for your ceremony. 


What it takes to get you and your wedding party "down the aisle" and with whom. 


Opportunities to say welcome to your guests and to the joy of your celebration. 

Sacred Readings (optional)

Choices can be taken from various world religions

Non-Sacred Readings (optional)  

Selections of poetry and prose, from serious to light hearted

Musical Interlude (optional)

An opportunity to use music while doing a ritual action like the unity sand or candle ceremony.  

Reflection (optional) 

Depending on your tradition this can be a  short sermon, homily, teaching, sharing, words of wisdom, words of the Mom or Words of the Dad, etc.

Declaration of Intent 

Ways to say “Have you come here freely and without reservation...”

Pledge of Support (optional)

Choices for family and friends to publically declare their support for you as a couple. If there are step-children, this is a good place to celebrate a commitment ceremony with the step-children. 


What most consider the center and most important part of the ceremony. Here is the place to use the best and most intimate words celebrating your committment.   

Blessing of Rings (Optional)

Exchange of Rings 

Ways to say "Take this Ring as a sign of my love and fidelity”

Pronouncement /Announcement 

Choices to proclaim you are a married couple 

Final Blessing (optional)

Blessings with additional suggestions from the non-sacred reading chapter


How to move from the ceremony site and transition to the rest of your day

Additional rituals can be included throughout the ceremony. We have already mentioned the unity sand or candle ceremony. Some other rituals are the rock blessing, handfasting etc. Also, the possible use of bubbles, sparklers, doves etc. can be intergrated. 

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