The design of your ceremony can take into consideration some of the following:  

Who will be the members of your wedding party? How many in your wedding party? How many guests are you inviting?

Who will officiate?

What do you want to communicate about your love and the uniquness of your relationship with your ceremony?

Where will the ceremony be celebrated: inside, outside, church, park, beach, resort, social hall. etc?

What ideas do you have about seating design: traditional "chapel" setting with a center asile? Crecent? Circle? Spirial? Or no seating at all, most or all the guests stand around you- in a circle? side by side? 

What time during the day? What day of the week? What month of the year?

What unique features do you want to include that reflect who you are as a couple? 

If you have your own children, how do your want to intergrate them into your ceremony? 

Etc, Etc, Etc...